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About Frame My Game. How Do We Do It?

Many places offer video analysis and there are no shortages of expensive video analysis software packages available for those who can afford them. However, Frame My Game does it differently!

Frame My Game takes your video and processes it for you. We own various video analysis software packages and have created unique processes to extract video frames. We have also created many sports motion models that you can choose from for comparison.

Let us do all of the technical work for you. All you need is a recording device (digital camera, Camcorder). There is no need for you to install software, become a computer technician or struggle with headaches of processing the video.

Please go to our services overview page to view the various services we have to offer.

Frame My Game. The Evolution.

Our services have evolved from first hand coaching, instructing and player experience. Over the span of the last 25 years, I have played competitive baseball, fast-pitch softball, basketball, wrestling, and golf. For the past 15 years I have coached and instructed youth athletes in various sports but primarily in baseball and softball.

Throughout the years, I have spent countless hours working to understand the mechanical aspects of sports motion based activities, especially the “swing”. As a young athlete I struggled to understand my own swing mechanics. Back then, video analysis was not available and I was instructed by many good coaches that did not have the advantage of using advanced tools to help bring me along. I watched the big leaguers and worked continuously to improve my own swing. Now that I look back, I spent many years perpetuating the same bad habits. I realized that countless hours at batting practice, in the batting cages and playing the game was not the answer to becoming a great hitter. I discovered that doing it “wrong” over and over again was only taking me further from my goal.

I had to study up and understand the motion mechanics of the rotational and linear swings. Once I had a strong understanding of the proper mechanics, I realized the hardest part was figuring out my own swing. I had to know what I was doing wrong before I could start doing it right!

As I began to work with young athletes, I was very serious about teaching them the proper swing mechanics but before I could do so, I needed to understand exactly how they were swinging the bat. As the years had gone by, I had become very good at identifying improper mechanics in a swing. I have worked with athletes that have become very good hitters whereas others were much more difficult to teach and some never “got it”. That is when I turned to video. I had to slow things down. There were pieces of the motion that were happening to fast for the human eye to see.

I started using video and realized that this was one step closer to helping the athletes understand and see where they needed improvement. However, I realized that even though I would show an athlete their own video, it was still not clear to them how I wanted them to correct it. I would go through the motions myself and have them watch but it did not always work. That is when Frame My Game was born.

The idea of taking a motion and creating a model that can be matched side-by-side with an athletes' swing is the easiest way for an athlete to see just how they are moving and how they should be moving each step of the way. As I began to test this method and use it as part of my instructional and coaching techniques, I began to see results.

This process has been many years in the making and now our goal is to make this available to athletes everywhere! As you have read, most of my experience has come with baseball and softball. I still play softball recreationally and coach girls’ fast-pitch softball for both competitive club and at the high school level. Several years ago I took up the game of golf and without a doubt, my swing needs help…the next phase of Frame My Game begins! Competative Team: Colorado Outlaws 16U

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