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CD Media Books

CD Media books are great way for coaches and instructors to view multiple athletes on a single media. Coaches prefer the media books for hosting team meeting sessions to review clips with players. This is also a great way for a single athlete to see various motions (fielding, hitting, pitching, etc…) on one media. The media book product can be selected with features that include motion video along with frame by frame breakdown.

Additional options include instructional text that may accompany a frame by frame breakdown.

For only $99.00, you may upload as many as 13 hitting clips and receive a CD Media Book that has all 13 hitter videos with instructional text and frame by frame break down. CD Media Book services may range in cost depending on what type of videos you choose to be placed on the CD. Please see purchase options below.

Although we offer the 13 hitter deal mentioned above, the CD Media book can hold any type of motion clip. Please refer to our video upload instructions page for best results.

CD Media Book Purchase Options

There are two ways to purchase a CD Media book:
  1. Order the CD Media Book 13 Hitter Deal online. You may upload up to 13 video clips for processing, pay online and the CD Media book will be cut and sent to you via mail.

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  2. If you have video footage captured on MiniDV tape and do not know how or do not want to cut the clips and upload, you may mail us the video tape along with the purchase form provided below.

    The CD Media Book product is completely customizable and we offer many options to improve your game. Simply select your options on the purchase form and total the cost of the services. Frame My Game will process the tape(s) and will place the videos on CD and mail them back to along with your original tape. Payment and address instructions are included on the form.

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CD Media Books are also a great tool for each athlete to view on their own. Team offers are available for purchase using the purchase form.

CD Media Book samples are best achieved with video captured by a MiniDV camcorder.
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