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How Do Model Comparisons Work?

It is so simple ANYONE can do it! You capture the video using simple technology such as your digital camera, upload the video to Frame My Game and you choose the analysis angle(s) you prefer (Front, Side or Both) .

Your video will then be stripped down and placed in frames with your subject placed against a model. The example below is a display of only 3 frames. Actual product will display a minimum of 9 frames to display movement along the entire motion. Itís that easy!

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See our Video Upload Instructions section for complete video upload details and instructions.

How Do I Receive My Results?

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Simple frame-by-frame breakdowns will be placed in a comprehensive layout that will easily display the subjectís movement that differs from the model. The layout will be emailed to the account that you designate during the order process. Itís that easy!

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