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Video Overlay

Video overlay produces a video where two moving objects can be placed over the top each other for the use of motion comparison. Video Overlay can be used with any type of motion (in place or linear movement). An example would be the placement of two different athletes in sync completing the same motion (Baseball Swing, pitching motion, Golf swing, running, etc.)

You may provide two clips to Frame My Game to produce a video overlay. The clips can be of the same athlete or two different athletes. Keep in mind that the athletes should be performing the same motion and footage should be captured from the same angle.

For girls’ fast pitch softball, Frame My Game can also take a single submitted clip and produce an overlay with a video of a USA Olympic softball athlete.

Featured Athletes and Motion

Please note: All angles are side angles. Please reference our Video Upload Instructions page for angle reference.
  • Jennie Finch - Pitching
  • Amanda Freed – Full Swing (Right & Left Handed)
  • Vicky Galindo – Running Hit (Left Handed)
  • Caitlin Lowe – Slap Hit – (Left Handed)
  • Jessica Mendoza – Bunt & Full Swing (Right & Left Handed)
  • Stacey Nuveman – Full Swing (Right & Left Handed)
  • Jenny Topping – Full Swing (Right & Left Handed)
  • Natasha Watley – Full Swing (Righ & Left), Slap (Left)
  • Kellie Wilkerson – Full Swing (Right & Left Handed)
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Video overlays are best achieved with video captured by a MiniDV camcorder.

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