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Eliminate The Guess Work! Can This Help Improve My Game?

Absolutely! Coaches, instructors, athletes and parents spend much time trying to determine how to improve elements such as swing mechanics.

The challenge is being able to capture and evaluate movement that happens too quick for the human eye. Frame My Game removes the guess work!

Guess work can lead to poor instruction by the best of coaches or instructors.

Using Frame My Game video services & model breakdowns takes the guess work out of correcting motion mechanics because athletes and instructors can clearly see where improvements are needed.

The Difference Is The Comparison

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Many instructors use video analysis and many athletes have seen video of themselves but the key component with a Frame My Game breakdown is the comparison and visual confirmation.

Our services focus on providing you motion comparison. Whether it is through a Model Comparison, Video Overlay or Dual Screen, the key element will be motion comparison. When an athlete can see their own movement broken down in a frame-by-frame layout next to a model, or a video with comparative movement, adjustments or focus areas are easily identified.

This comparison makes it very easy for athletes of all ages to see what is taking place with their movement thus making it easier for instructors/coaches to work through improvements.


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