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Video Capture and Upload Instructions is built so that video files may be uploaded for processing. The basic use of digital cameras with video capabilities works perfectly fine for basic MODEL COMPARISON products. Please check your camera settings or documentation for getting best results (shutter speed).

  • For best quality video, the use of Mini DV camcorder recording is recommended. However, you may need video editing software to be able to trim clips before uploading. Generally, we like for videos to be under 10 MB if possible. We have found this to be a reasonable size limit for both upload and video integrity.

  • For products such as VIDEO TRAILING, VIDEO OVERLAY, DUAL SCREEN & CD MEDIA BOOKS, we can use lower quality clips taken from a source such as a digital camera, however, we will caution that the quality of the product returned will not be as high as that of video taken via a Mini DV camcorder.

    If you have large volumes of video captured, you may send us your Mini DV tape and we will process straight from the tape. Your tape will be returned to you along with the product(s) you have purchased.

Video Capture Guidelines

For best results here are some guidelines for capturing video and sending us your clips.

When using a digital camera and capturing a single motion such as a batting swing or pitching motion, ONLY CAPTURE 1 MOTION (SWING) PER VIDEO. This will keep the file size relatively small (1MB to 2MB) and will also give us a better frame by frame capture sequence. Our recommendation is to capture several single motion clips and choose the one you feel best represents the athlete’s true motion and use that as the clip of choice.

Model Comparison Guidelines

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If you wish to purchase a basic frame by frame layout with your athlete next to a model, please reference the images to the right for choosing your angle.

Please note that backgrounds for model layouts may or may not be stripped out during process. Depending on lighting, background elements and motion reference points, it may be best to leave the background in tact. Background stripping will be determined at the time of processing.

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