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What is Frame My Game?

Frame My Game is a service specializing in Sports Motion Capture and Comparison.

  • Our site allows you to upload video clips of motion based sports activities.

    Your video clip can then be used for a number of services provided by Frame My Game for the purpose of helping you identify movement elements that may need improvement or to simply validate proper movement.

  • Frame My Game is unique in that your video clips can be broken down into a frame-by-frame layout AND can be placed against sports models that allow you to compare movement in a frame-by-frame fashion.

    This type of breakdown takes the guess work out of the improvement process and helps coaches, athletes, instructors and parents see exactly where to target instruction and improvement.

Your video clips can also be used for unique Still Picture Captures, ball movement tracking, golf club swing plane, baseball/softball bat swing plane and DVD video comparisons.

Who should use Frame My Game?

Anyone interested in trying to analyze and correct the mechanics of their motion can use the site. Frame My Game provides a frame-by-frame break down that can be used as a tool for coaches, instructors, athletes and parents. Baseball and Softball pitchers wanting to track ball movement can also use this service as a tool for validation or for recruiting video content.

If you are attempting take your game to the next level, our services can help you get there!

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